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About That Break…

That break was a bit longer than expected!  It’s been an interesting few years to say the least.  Here are a couple of things that have happened: I lost my mom to cancer.  Our  twins started college. I started woodworking. We … Continue reading

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The Break is Over!

Life gets busy, priorities change, interest wanes: in short, I’ve taken a break from the blog.  Sometimes a break is a good thing, allowing us a chance to recharge and renew, and I think that has been the case for … Continue reading

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The Best Political Example

The day after a political race is always interesting.  Some people quietly breathe a sigh of relief.  Some people are sad.  Some stand in front of the world and scream “Take that!  And you deserve it, you idiots!”  Today we … Continue reading

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Bye-bye to the Dell Mini 10v

I have written in the past about my experience with the Dell Mini 10v. I have enjoyed the hackintosh experience with it, but I’m moving on. My boss bought me a new iPad with 3G, so I no longer need … Continue reading

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The Big 5-0: Time to be Thankful

Today I turned 50. While at face value it would seem like a fun day, I’ve never been a big fan of birthday celebrations. As a child a birthday was usually more likely to disappoint, what with the high expectations … Continue reading

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Life Tragically Wasted: Whitney, We Will Miss You

Just time for a quick post.  Last night I returned home from an evening out with the wife and twins only to hear of Whitney Houston’s untimely death.  So sad to hear of anyone dying young, and since she was … Continue reading

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Why Handwriting Matters

One of my personal goals for 2012 is to be involved in more creative activities, and one of the new activities I’m getting interested in is calligraphy. Calligraphy is the art of decorative handwriting and lettering, and as I began … Continue reading

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