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The Break is Over!

Life gets busy, priorities change, interest wanes: in short, I’ve taken a break from the blog.  Sometimes a break is a good thing, allowing us a chance to recharge and renew, and I think that has been the case for … Continue reading

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Today I Give Myself Permission To…

Today is my birthday.  Yes, that most special day of the year (ok, maybe it’s only special to me!) has rolled around again, and since I’m a whole year older I must be wiser, right?  But whether I am wiser or … Continue reading

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Gun Control and 3D Printing: The Genie is Almost Out of the Bottle

Newtown.  Columbine.  Jonesboro.  Virginia Tech.  Gun control.  Just do a Google search; you will get millions of hits.  Now search this:  3D printed gun parts.  It’s true: it’s a possibility.  A group of hobbyists is working on designs now and … Continue reading

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The Best Political Example

The day after a political race is always interesting.  Some people quietly breathe a sigh of relief.  Some people are sad.  Some stand in front of the world and scream “Take that!  And you deserve it, you idiots!”  Today we … Continue reading

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Bye-bye to the Dell Mini 10v

I have written in the past about my experience with the Dell Mini 10v. I have enjoyed the hackintosh experience with it, but I’m moving on. My boss bought me a new iPad with 3G, so I no longer need … Continue reading

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The Big 5-0: Time to be Thankful

Today I turned 50. While at face value it would seem like a fun day, I’ve never been a big fan of birthday celebrations. As a child a birthday was usually more likely to disappoint, what with the high expectations … Continue reading

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A Grammar Nazi!

I try to avoid posts that merely link back to another writer’s post, but I couldn’t resist on this one. I am not quite as severe about grammar as this fellow, but I have to admit that bad grammar … Continue reading

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