The Break is Over!

Life gets busy, priorities change, interest wanes: in short, I’ve taken a break from the blog.  Sometimes a break is a good thing, allowing us a chance to recharge and renew, and I think that has been the case for me.  The time away from regular writing has allowed some ideas and interests to filter in, so I’ll be starting up again, though probably not on a daily basis at first. 

What’s been going on?  I’ve had a job change, though I’m still employed at the same company.  I have been asked to play more often after hours on my first serious instrument: trombone!  I’ll write at some point about a gig or two I’ve had.  I’ve seen a friend go through a divorce, which has me thinking about the choices we make on a daily basis that affect us in more ways than we might believe.   My kids are about to enter their junior year of high school.  And I’ve been trying to develop new interests in computing with a system called Raspberry Pi, though I still enjoy my Hackintosh.  Oh, and I bought an electric smoker! 

I have used my blog in the past as a coping mechanism, a way to share my interests and passions, and as a way to express myself in a creative fashion.  The topics will be eclectic and hopefully as fun to read about as they are to write.  I’m investigating some new WordPress themes so I’ll be updating the look of the site, too, so change is in the air.  Stay tuned!


About johnmcgeeblog

Husband, father, IT manager, traveler, guitarist, hackintosher, writer...? Blogging can be a coping mechanism, a mentoring tool... what is it to you?
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