The Best Political Example

The day after a political race is always interesting.  Some people quietly breathe a sigh of relief.  Some people are sad.  Some stand in front of the world and scream “Take that!  And you deserve it, you idiots!”  Today we see some people gloating, some hiding, and some forgetting they promised to leave the country if their candidate lost…!  But for me, there is a different example I want to remember and remind you about.

I remember a family that lived near us.  Their children were my friends and schoolmates and we attended the same church, so it was natural to spend time at their house.  Mr. and Mrs. Young always made us feel welcome at their place.  One day a number of us were there, visiting and having a good time.  I noticed Mr. Young sitting in his big easy chair, and just behind him was a bookcase of family pictures, mementos, and books.  One of the pictures caught my eye: it was Jimmy Carter, the President of the United States of America.  As best I remember it showed him standing next to his wife, Rosalyn.  I was surprised; I never thought of Mr. Young as being the least bit political.  I asked him “Is that the president?  Why do you have his picture?  Did you vote for him?”  I will never forget what he told me.

“Well, I don’t talk much about my vote, but we wrote to the White House and asked for a picture.  I put it there to remind us to pray for him and his people every day”.  He went on to explain to me the importance of supporting the president with our prayers, and even if we don’t agree with everything he does, we should be respectful and decent.  We may debate the wisdom of his actions, but personal criticisms were not acceptable.  I never heard if he voted for the man or not, but sure enough, when Ronald Reagan was elected a new picture was put up, and a new name was added to their prayer list.

My thoughts for you: whether you believe in God or not, please consider the example of Mr. and Mrs. Young, who prayed for the president just because he was the president.  What a great example to set for all of us!


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