Bye-bye to the Dell Mini 10v

I have written in the past about my experience with the Dell Mini 10v. I have enjoyed the hackintosh experience with it, but I’m moving on. My boss bought me a new iPad with 3G, so I no longer need to netbook, so… time to sell! The Dell Mini 10v I have includes the original 160 Gb drive with a Microsoft OS, plus a 250 Gb drive (installed!) that is already hackintosh’d and running OSX 10.6.7. I will also include a nice nylon carrying bag, the charger, and all of the original paperwork for $200 US. I’ll give this one week, then it’s off to eBay!

Comment to me with any questions and I’ll be notified ASAP. I will pay to ship anywhere in the continental US with a UPS or USPS shipping. Don’t wait too long!

Time to sell the Dell Mini 10v



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