Pens! Pens! Pens!

I recently made it to the Little Rock Fountain Pen show, and it’s becoming obvious to me: I am obsessing about fountain pens! While at the show I picked up a Lamy Safari with a 1.5mm calligraphy tip, a couple of bottles of Waterman ink (including the Havana brown), a bottle of Diamine Sapphire Blue, and neat pen sleeve that fits over a Rhodia Webnotebook called a Quiver.

The show was fun. I ran into an old friend I had not seen for years as I browsed, and I was able to view some vintage pens I would otherwise never have seen. The show is hosted by Vanness, a local fountain pen shop that is simply a wonderful little store, who supplied me with the Lamy, ink, and the Quiver. There was also a fellow running a pen repair business: Danny Fudge. As he worked on a couple of my favorite pens I discovered he had married a friend from school: small world!

In the past couple of months I’ve picked up a set of Rotring ArtPens for calligraphy, along with some Speedball nibs and a holder. I’ve also been using a Rotring Newton as my day to day writer, a Sheaffer Javelin, and couple of Levenger Truewriters. However, my current favorite is a Pilot Plumix: a $10 throwaway pen that is refillable (with cartridge), and has a 0.9 mm flat calligraphy nib! I’m using it more and more as it has helped me improve my handwriting as I try to write with an Italic hand.

A quick thanks to the But She’s A Girl blog for her review of the Lamy 2000. Thanks to her I just have to get one. I’ve got a Lamy Studio on order now, but I can tell: the 2000 is in my future! Good review; now I’m jonesing for the next pen.

The Quiver, ArtPens, and more

The Quiver, ArtPens, and more


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3 Responses to Pens! Pens! Pens!

  1. Bill Chance says:

    I love Waterman Havana brown. Was never a huge fan of Lamy Pens until I picked up a Lamy 2000 at an estate sale – now it’s one of my favorites – you’ll love it. I have a writing slope I bought from Danny Fudge at the Dallas pen show. I love that quiver – need one for my moleskines.

    Be careful with the fountain pens – they can get to be an addiction, especially if you start using vintage ones. Thanks for sharing.

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