What’s on my mind

What’s on my mind:
1. This Post a Day stuff requires determination and commitment. I need to work on this.

2. Creativity may feel better if it happens spontaneously, but it CAN be forced. Practicing creativity makes the forcing less difficult. I’m practicing as fast as I can!

3. Optimism is an act of will, not something that just happens.

4. Happiness is also an act of will, though it can be colored by many other things if you allow it. Today, I choose to be happy.

5. Man, I love writing with a fountain pen in a nice Rhodia or Moleskine! But I love to edit with a keyboard! Decisions, decisions…

6. My children are growing up quickly, and I need to spend more time with them. When I die I do not want them to be on a list of regrets.

7. TV will suck all of my brain cells out of my head if I let it. It’s just not worth it!

8. I married up, and I need to remind my wife of that on a daily basis. Though I suspect she already knows… sigh.

9. eBay is a great way to save money…and lose hours of time. There are times that paying retail is the smart way to go.

10. Being a manager is sometimes a lonely job. My employees can not be my friends if it compromises my role as manager. Accept it and get over it, or change jobs.

11. Top Ten Lists are overrated. Don’t stop at 10 if you still have gas in the tank.

12. I need to spend some quality time with my guitars soon. It is physically impossible for me to play guitar and not feel better, whether it’s acoustic noodling or power-chording my Strat. And don’t forget: “There is nothing like the sound of a tortured Stratocaster.” (Anyone know who first said that quote?”

Happy Wednesday, everyone!


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Husband, father, IT manager, traveler, guitarist, hackintosher, writer...? Blogging can be a coping mechanism, a mentoring tool... what is it to you?
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One Response to What’s on my mind

  1. Rich M. says:

    Joe Perry!!

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