Recharging on a Slow Saturday

It’s quiet around the house right now. Some weekends are non-stop, moving from one appointment or kids’ activity to another. Others are slower, and this weekend is shaping up to be one of those. My wife and twins are headed over to babysit my niece, then we’ll have a quiet lunch around here. This afternoon we’ll attend a wedding at the church, and wife will play piano at the reception (she plays beautifully; two music degrees can do that for you!). Afterwards we will pick up the twins and grab dinner somewhere close by, then come back home. Church tomorrow, mow the grass in the afternoon, and then a quiet evening. Life in the burbs is pretty good, so I’m going to enjoy the quiet time and recharge.

Work continues to have some stress; why isn’t important. Being an employee for someone else means you often have to deal with what is dealt to you in the way you are told to deal with it, even if you know there are better ways to handle things. I’ve given up teaching a small group at church, so that is easing the stress load, too. After a nasty split a few years ago I backed out of most of my other responsibilities there, having become somewhat jaded by preachers in general and by one specifically. I worry at times about my sons, but they are good boys and are doing well in school, and in life; wife and I haven’t screwed them up too badly yet. Overall, I recognize that my life is fairly easy, and other than a job that somewhat marginalizes my contributions, the rest of this life is good.

So a quiet Saturday morning alone means a good cup of coffee is enjoyed with some time journaling in that new Rhodia webbie, some quick notes and emails out to friends, and perhaps a few minutes on the porch watching the world wake up while I play that old guitar that doesn’t get used enough. Today is about taking a load off, if just for a while, so… let the decompression begin!


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