The Upside of Anger Management

Dealing with stress can be interesting for me. Should I drink? Should I yell at the kids? (Of course not!) Should I drive too fast? (duh!) Different people deal with stress in different ways. How do I deal with it? I clean!

The past few weeks have been interesting. First I had a situation I needed to deal with at work (never mind what! Just know it was stressful!), and I had an appointment with the doctor. I have higher than normal blood pressure… which gives me stress! Then we had a big family trip to St. Louis with my wife’s family (both brothers-in-law, AND the mother-in-law! More stress!). While in St. Louis my foot began swelling and hurt terribly, so I went to the doctor there at a WalGreen’s… and found out my gout has flared up! Ouch! More stress! Then we walked to the St. Louis Cardinal’s baseball game that was four blocks from the hotel while my foot throbbed! Stress!

After returning home in the passenger seat with my wife driving because my foot hurt too much (Yikes, honey! Shotgun seat stress!), I walk into my kitchen to throw the car keys in the key drawer, only to find it would not open because it was so full of junk. It was almost as though while we were gone the junk in that drawer magically grew during the wee hours, filling the drawer to the point it jammed shut. I was so angry I dropped everything else and began to clean out the drawer, which then led to me just pulling it completely out of the cabinet. It was pretty bad, because it was full of old broken sunglasses, old business cards, old golf tees, a dead/retired cellphone, an old cell charger, and lots of other junk-drawer fodder. After awhile I worked down to the old letters and correspondence I should have round-filed months or even years ago.

And then the good news began. I found an old envelope. I opened it, and inside was a crisp, new $50 bill. I had found my Christmas money from last year! Sweet! Underneath the envelope was loose change, so I began gathering it so I could finish getting rid of the dust bunnies and crusties that were in the drawer corners. Once I finished that I began counting the coins, then I realized I needed my coin sorter. Five rolls of quarters later I was able to put the drawer back in the cabinet and close it, leaving $100 of coins and cash on the counter. Score! The stress was gone: nothing like finding money to improve your day, or week!

What a great way to get rid of stress!


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One Response to The Upside of Anger Management

  1. Vikas says:

    Amazing…when there is a will there is a way….You narrate so vividly… šŸ™‚
    Take care of your health.

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