Life, work, and a long drive home

I drove home the long way today; it was that kind of day. I was told earlier I didn’t get the job I really, really wanted, and I’m wondering where my career is going. For now I’m not going to write about that, as I try to keep my professional life out of this blog, but I’ll just say as job interviews go I left feeling like someone had just gone through the motions for me only because I wanted the interview so badly. I actually spent over half of the interview with my boss trying to convince me I was better off staying where I was… “wow”! And that after he showed up 30 minutes late. I could go on but won’t; I obviously was not a serious candidate for this one.

My drive home through the country is actually a good thing. I get on the interstate near my office and drive less than a mile before I hit the first exit ramp and start angling southeasterly through the countryside. There is one stop light in the first block, then no other stops until I’m within a couple of miles from the house. It is easily the best half hour of the day, driving with the radio on, the windows open (or not), and the stress and tension seeping away as I drive on a country road. The drive takes me past a strange mix of homes: old traditionally styled tenant shacks, mobile homes, modern ranches, and a few large estates thrown in for good measure. I see horses and cows in pastures, ponds with waterfowl, kids playing with dogs in their yards, and street signs next to hand-lettered boards that say “Fresh Country Eggs for $2”. After 15 minutes or so I can actually begin hearing the music as the stress starts to fade away, and soon I’m looking forward to dinner with the family, fresh vegetables from my own garden, and that smile from my wife who doesn’t care if I’m a Fortune 500 guy or a stock boy at K-Mart…and I’ve been both!

I have no doubt that change is coming for me, whether I stay at my current job or find a new gig someplace else, and I hate change. I have worked at the same place for 17 years. That brings a sense of familiarity that has it’s own form of comfort attached to it. But I’m beginning to see that maybe the lack of change is just stagnation. Maybe moving on could be good for me? A chance for growth? Perhaps an opportunity to find that life has more for me than the place where I’ve hung my hat for so long? Whether good or bad, I can see I have stayed in one place too long, and it’s time to re-evaluate life priorities and goals, make up the list of pros and cons about the current situation, and then pull up the big boy pants and get over it. It’s going to be ok, so let’s just embrace it and move on.


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2 Responses to Life, work, and a long drive home

  1. Older Coz says:

    Thought its was going to be about the drive, seems the job thing did come up a few times, even between the lines.

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