Dell Mini 10v: the update and sadness

It’s been over a week since I’ve posted anything here, and I’m a bit embarrassed: I committed to the Post A Day project earlier, and it just isn’t happening! However, since the last post we have had a national holiday, a number of hackintosh news updates, and I’ve had a family reunion, so I think I have been justified in putting aside the keyboard for a while.

About the Dell Mini 10v: I bricked mine, badly! I stupidly allowed the 10.6.8 update to apply before adequately researching it’s likelihood of success and it burned me. After that I misplaced my USB stick, so I didn’t have any way to reboot the blasted thing, so I had to go buy one (a 16 Gb stick, by the way, has so much more room for all the other updates, patches, and the all-important combo updates!). My 10v is now running again, but alas, I have no time to apply all the other patches and updates, so I’m still running from my original 10.6 installation disk. My plan is to take it back to 10.6.7 where it will likely end it’s life, hopefully not for a few years. I still like the Mini 10v for what it is, but what it is ain’t much. I’m thinking an iPad 2 (or 3! soon…maybe?) makes more sense, and is certainly lighter and easier to deal with.

I also have a pair of desktop Hackintosh boxes that I need to make decisions about. One is just my iTunes and media repository, connected to a 32″ 720p TV. My debate here is more about the work involved with keeping up this box as a hackintosh, especially after the difficulty I just had with my Mini 10v. I just want it to work, and frankly, every time there is an update from Apple I worry about whether or not this is the one that will kill it. I don’t buy a lot of tunes or video from iTunes, so if it failed on me I could abandon it without a lot of grief, assuming I have a current backup of all the tunes so I could avoid ripping all of it again. My other hackintosh, though, has a bunch of video games on it, and is also set to dual boot with a copy of Windows 7 Premium 64 bit. All of the games are legally installed, but the amount of time it takes to load then patch everything when you only have a DSL connection is frightful.

Sooner or later I will break down and buy a real Mac Mini or iMac along with an Apple TV. Making a hackintosh is fun, but keeping one up requires just a bit more effort than I have time to support for now. I hate paying more for the hardware, but reduced effort to keep it running might just be worth it.


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