OS X 10.6.8 is Here!

Snow Leopard’s potentially final update is here, according to MacUpdate and the Software Update notification on my Dell Mini 10v hackintosh netbook. While some folks are saying this is likely the last update for Snow Leopard, it is also a key update required if you plan to download OS X Lion (aka 10.7) from the App Store, publicly declared by Apple to be the only way to buy Lion. This update also provides a fix/patch for the current Mac Defender variants as well as some possible Preview, IPV6, and VPN issues.


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10 Responses to OS X 10.6.8 is Here!

  1. Justin Koehn says:

    Did you perform the update your Dell Mini 10v to 10.6.8 yet, and if so did it work without any issues?

  2. I did, and it bricked on me! I used the default Software Update (275 Mb); I should have used the full Combo Update, but the 1Gb size put me off. I don’t have all my recovery tools with me; I’ll try again tonight.

  3. Justin Koehn says:

    Yeah i went ahead with the update last night and it went fine, except the airport would no longer work. I did a time machine backup before just in case so i have already rebuilt it and i am putting the 10.6.7 combo update back on it now. I guess i will wait until there is a way to do it successfully. I really hope i can get Lion on it when that comes out

  4. I did the update, but NBI 0.84 didn’t successfully boot it after restart. I am able to login into the system strangely using the NB bootmaker running on OSX USB. Investigating more into it as I write.

  5. Justin Koehn says:

    Yeah i just installed the Chameleon bootloader and hosed it again! I am almost done restoring the time machine backup and i am going to give it another go. I think i have done this before….

  6. Okay, so I now I tried NBI 0.85 pre and got into the system, but as you mentioned the wireless is bricked and there is no apple battery indicator.

  7. Justin Koehn says:

    One thing that is weird is i am having MAJOR trouble getting this Dell 10v to upgrade to 10.6.7. I did not have this trouble this first time around. It seriously upgraded just like my MacBook Pro would. Now I’ve had to do a permissions repair on the disc, and then run NBI several times and now i have no audio or airport. It did not do this the first time i upgraded before i hosed it with the 10.6.8 upgrade yesterday. I did do the 10.6.7 update last time through software updates. This time around i have been doing it with the combo update download. Do you think this would make a difference?

    • Justin, apologies for the long delay. Yes, I would definitely use the combo updates instead of the step updates. I had to rebuild my Mini, too, and did it the long hard way: started all the way back at 10.6, then did combo updates one at a time. It took me a couple of days because of lack of time and having to update the NBI along the way, but in the end it “took” and worked out ok and I’m back at 10.6.7.

      I have to say I still like my Dell Mini as a hackintosh, but if I could have bought a Macbook Air for, say $800 it would have been worth it. I hate the so-called “Apple tax”, but in the end the Apple hardware sure seems to be more solid than the hackintoshes I’ve homebrewed. On the other hand, I learned a lot more about Apple’s OS X then I would have if I just threw down my money for an Apple logo box with hardware in it.


  8. I finally decided to give up and restored to 10.6.7 from my Time Machine backup.

    PS: I recently noticed tremendous improvements in font smoothing on this machine after I tried this tip: http://blog.vaibhavbajpai.com/increase-font-smoothing-on-mac-os-x

  9. Justin Koehn says:

    Yeah i have bricked mine probably 506 times since trying to update. It updated fine to 10.6.7 months ago when i first hackintoshed it. I cannot seem to do it this time. What are the exact steps as far as using the NBI, combo updates, etc?

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