Hackintosh and OS X Lion: How will we do it?

One of the more interesting facts from yesterday’s official announcement about OS X Lion is the news that it will only be available via the App Store for $29.99. The Hackintosh community seems to be in turmoil: if you can only download it, how will we load it on our Hackintoshes that require some sort of other boot loader first?

There are already some discussions on some of the regular Hackintosh-supporting websites: see Insanely Mac’s post, or the TonyMacx86 website to start. However, all is not lost. One poster has already stated they found a bootable disk image inside the downloaded purchase; see the post here. This is particularly good news for the Hackintosh community: we will have a way to legally purchase the product and a way to easily create a bootable DVD or memory stick.

My personal view on this: I absolutely want to stay as legal as possible with my Hackintosh. I purchased the boxed set that included a full version of Snow Leopard. I bought the 10.6 upgrade disks for $29. And I will be buying the Lion upgrade via the App Store as well; it’s the right thing to do. Let’s see how the Hackintosh community does with their update attempts to Lion, but I’m betting they will get it right and we will all be able to perform our own upgrades, too. I can’t wait; there are cool things in this update I want!

UPDATE: I’m pretty sure the information in the Eggfreckles.net post referenced above is referring to a pre-release developer’s download. However, I think it is reasonable to expect some sort of utility that will allow you build a recovery disk or bootable DVD of some sort. We will know in less than a month, so hang in there, Hackintoshers!


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One Response to Hackintosh and OS X Lion: How will we do it?

  1. felipe says:

    i was really concerned about that

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