A Surprise at Church

We wrapped up a search for our youth minister tonight, and along the way had a question and answer session with our pastor after the candidate and his wife left for the evening. The interesting part was that some of the questions were directed towards the youth, including one of my twin sons. He answered with a clear voice, respectful of the elders in the room, and gave a succinct, insightful answer to each question. I was stunned. Suddenly I saw my son in a different light, and realized that he isn’t a child anymore.

My kids are pretty good kids. They get the highest marks, they are active in other groups at school, and have a fair amount of musical talent, too. My wife and I recognize they are special, yes, as only parents can, but also that there are some things about them that are above and beyond where other kids are. Seeing my son speaking in church today reminded me of that. My hopes are that they both grow up to not only be productive members of society, but leaders in their communities who serve the greater good, give back, and leave their world a better place. Yes, that is a bit corny, but after seeing my son today I believe it can happen.

So tonight we hired a youth minister, and I discovered my barely-a-teenager son has matured more than I thought. It was a pretty good day.


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