Hideous Facelifts on TV: What Were They Thinking?!!

I watch too much TV. While I would like to stand in front of you and claim “I am a writer”, and ” I am a literate, intelligent person”, I would also have to say “I like TV”. Just being honest; I’m into TV.

I like the cop show genre of TV. I love NCIS, though not NCIS: Los Angeles so much. I love Bones; one of my favorites. I recently saw one rerun that showed the two main characters investigating a murder case in California. The victim identity was initially difficult to uncover until they figured out she had received a number of facial reconstruction surgeries to make her more beautiful. I especially liked this episode because our heroine, Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan, was appalled at the thought of someone undergoing surgeries of this nature just for the sake of enhancing their physical appearance. I found myself agreeing. The victim had been described as having the “girl next door” look, but was just not satisfied with it. They showed an artist’s drawing of her “before” look, and they were right; she was very, very attractive. Of course, that was just a TV show.

I am always somewhat surprised when I see the women on these shows who have had some sort of facelift, botox injection, or surgical procedure for “beauty’s sake”. For instance, Joanne Kelley on Warehouse 13 has had some sort of facial work done, and whenever I see this show I find myself looking at her face, trying to figure out why something does not look quite right. On NCIS: Los Angeles’s season finale, Claire Forlani has a role as an operations officer, and while the story was compelling, again I found myself looking at her face trying to figure out what was amiss. On In Plain Sight, Mary McCormack is another example. She exhibits some acting chops, but I find myself staring at her lips trying to figure out what happened. All three of these women are not bad actresses, but when I see them I can’t get past the physical appearances that don’t add up. Just how old are they? Did they mean to look this way? And what was wrong with how they looked before?

There are certainly more extreme examples. For instance, Dolly Parton. Dolly, what were you thinking? She is arguably the most talented woman in country music, today, or any day, but she looks so surprised in the face that it’s hard to pay attention to what she is doing. Lisa Rinna and her lips. Priscilla Presley as seen on Dancing with the Stars. Mary Tyler Moore.

I am certainly no expert, but I find most of these “adjustments” to be, frankly, hideous and disturbing, and sadly, only temporary. We all age. We all die, sooner or later. No matter how much work we have done to our faces and our bodies, we will get older. If our security in ourselves is based on our looks, then we have based our foundations on sand, and we are just a good wind and rain away from dejection. And we certainly aren’t fooling anyone, or at least not fooling anyone that matters. What were they thinking?


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