A Migraine and a 12-hour Nap

Yesterday was quite challenging. A supposedly short afternoon of meetings turned into a marathon session with management, then branched into a mentoring session with my former boss, the results of which didn’t help me much. By the time I was done I was feeling queasy and the pain behind my eyes told me a migraine had landed. I made it home in time to fall in bed to sleep for an hour, though with the pain I couldn’t really do more than doze a couple of minutes. My wife was headed to a meeting elsewhere, so I had to get back up to pick up the twins from their appointed rounds, pick up dinner in a sack for all of us, and drive back home in what seemed like extremely brilliant sunlight stabbing through my optic nerves.

The only solution I have found for a migraine is sleeping it off. I skipped my dinner completely, stumbled back to the bedroom, made the boys promise to get along, and slipped back underneath the sheets. After a few minutes the pain behind my eyes would migrate down to one side or other of my sinus cavities so I would roll over. In a few moments I could feel the pain ease, or was it moving? Then in a few more moments the pain would start again, usually before I dozed off again. Over a few hours, though, I was able to sleep for a bit, and by ten o’clock I felt good enough to wake up.

I wonder sometimes what causes the migraine. I have tried in the past to track back what I was doing the previous 48 hours, looking for some correlation with my headaches. Did I stay up too late the night before? Sometimes yes, others no. Did I eat something I shouldn’t have? No, not usually. Is this fallout from the sore throat from last week? Is it related to work stress? God knows I have plenty of that these days. I have no idea, I just know it really, really hurts.

Within a few minutes of getting up I knew I had to eat something, but the headache was pushing the queasy feeling back to the top again and there wasn’t anything in the house I thought I could keep down (sorry, too much information). After scrounging some leftover bread from dinner the night before (surely that didn’t cause this!) my tummy settled down, and I realized how tired I was. Napping for four straight hours will do that to you… What do you do? Go back to bed!

The only good part about dealing with a migraine is how great you feel the next day, at least if you make it all the way through the migraine cycle. Sadly, I think I still had a few hours to go, so I had to make it to work with my brain still somewhat fogged in, looking forward to another stressful day of meetings and difficult situations. Once lunch was over the fog started to lift, the worst stress of the day was over, and things were looking up. By the time my day was done I had heard from an old friend from out of town with some kind words (thanks, ES!), and had begun to resolve one of the work situations that had been dogging me. Tonight I have some gardening planned so I can enjoy the outdoors for a bit, and tomorrow should be better. We will see.


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