It’s Finally Friday

“It’s finally Friday”. Now that I have been in the workforce for more years than I care to admit, I can safely say I was ready for the weekend today. Dealing with people at work can be a grind at times, for reasons I can’t really go into on a blog that has my name on it (which sounds like an excellent reason to blog as an “anonymous”). Suffice it to say the week did not turn out as planned, and this day could not end soon enough.

Are there other words or phrases that seem silly until you have lived through an experience that opened your eyes? I’ll give you a for-instance: pick out any Barry Manilow heart break song (except Copa Cabana; that’s too silly to count). Let’s say you heard “Mandy” for the first time when you were 12. The song probably didn’t do much for you. Then imagine the first time your heart got broken. Then re-listen to “Mandy”. Wow! Suddenly you get it. Suddenly you understand what Barry was writing about. And unless you grew up in the 70’s you probably hate that song even more! (Sorry, my serious minutes just ran out for the day).

“Roid rage”… wow, there is another phrase I hoped I would never understand. But after my earlier bout with a sore throat this week where I ended up getting a steroid shot that kept me awake for 48 hours, that phrase has a LOT more depth today than it did last week! Add to that the aforementioned unmentionable work situations, and my phrase range is growing by leaps and bounds.

So now I’m finally home, pecking at a keyboard, calming down, and realizing…”The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow”. Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself while I re-think about posting my resume!


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