Better Weather

Yesterday ended with having to turn the heat on again, but today began with the sun streaming in through our blinds. It seems like it is the first day with sunshine in weeks, though I know that is not true. I have put off getting the garden weeded and tilled because of the weather, but perhaps it’s time now.

I am reviewing some new blog themes, and plan to update this blog with something a little cleaner and organized in the next couple of days. I am also considering trying to add some photography, though it’s a challenge to get decent pics with nothing but a Blackberry. However, I am still enjoying the creative aspects of a daily blog, and improvement is usually a good thing. We will see!


About johnmcgeeblog

Husband, father, IT manager, traveler, guitarist, hackintosher, writer...? Blogging can be a coping mechanism, a mentoring tool... what is it to you?
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