Bin Laden been gone

I went to bed last night somehow feeling safer. Osama bin Laden is gone from this earth, according to the news channels… and sports channels, Twitter, and about a million websites. The news says a team of SEALS with night vision goggles dropped into his hideout via ropes hung from a helicopter and after a very brief firefight (where bin Laden was dumb enough to squeeze off a few rounds) they hit him with a headshot. How very American, how very John Wayne!

I am fighting the urge to be trite or funny about this since so many thousands of people have been hurt by him. Arguably, millions were hurt by him: the security screens in American airports are a direct reaction towards his terrorism. At the same time, there is a realization that this person might very well have left some “good-bye” plans behind to his rabid followers, instructing them to hit the United States and our allies with a parting shot of some sort.

A parting shot of our own: all of his efforts to overthrow the leaders of countries in the Arab world came to naught, but when citizens of those same countries had enough, rose up and demanded freedom, those leaders fell, and it looks like more may follow. Freedom has succeeded where terror failed.

When someone does to us what Osama bin Laden did, a payday will come. It may be years coming, but it will come. Mr. bin Laden, you woke the giant…and it will be awhile before he goes back to sleep.


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