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Guilty Pleasures and a Complete Waste of Time

It was a long weekend, since it was of the three-day variety. The family came through yesterday (Monday) for the requisite grilling; yep, lots of pork products were had by all. The boys indulged in an all-day NCIS marathon, so … Continue reading

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Another Hackintosh?

I like Macs. Apple makes cool products, and whenever I get a chance I like to hit the local Best Buy and check them out. The iPads are tugging at me, and my iPod Touch has been outgrown. I always … Continue reading

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My Nephew’s Graduation

Subtitled: I’m old because my nephew is graduating! Yes, tonight is the night: my nephew Zach is graduating. Normally I hold family names fairly close to the vest, allowing my family some level of anonymity. However, this is a special … Continue reading

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When I Grow Up

My family was able to attend some graduation-related activities over the weekend for my nephew. We are all very proud of him, so it was a joy to attend a breakfast and baccalaureate service for him. He will be attending … Continue reading

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The Daily Post…and I got nothin’!

Time to write my daily post, and…I got nothin’! In honor of my lack of creativity I’ve decided to write about a couple of bands/acts I really like that inspire me to push through the writer’s block: Fountains of Wayne … Continue reading

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Aimless Hobbies; What’s Next?

Everyone has a hobby or two, or three, or… you get the picture. I have too many, and I’m always looking for more. It’s sort of like an episode of “Short Attention Span Theater” when it comes to hobbies for … Continue reading

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Rainy Saturdays are the Best

I’m inside looking out a window at my yard. While I usually enjoy mowing, today it’s just too wet. We had a good hard rain last night, so the yard is still damp…or at least that’s what I am telling … Continue reading

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