Blogging with meaning means it’s not all about me

Have you noticed this about any of the blogs you check regularly: sometimes it’s all about me? Part of the struggle to come up with a daily post means you talk about things going on in your life, and that’s OK, at least sometimes. We write about what we know, what we experience, about what we see and what we do. And sometimes we struggle to be creative so we fall back on the crutches that are there on a daily basis: me. Us. Mine. I.

There are times when I wonder if maybe our world is too much about “me”. Maybe we focus too much on the first person, when we should focus on others. Maybe my worth and value should be based on what I do for everyone else instead of what I do for me.

My state has been hit hard with weather-related tragedies over the last two weeks. Let’s take some time to think about other people and their hurts instead of our own. Here are some good places to start; some are disaster related, some are not.

The American Red Cross
The Salvation Army
The American Cancer Society
The Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure
The Lance Armstrong Livestrong Foundation
Habitat For Humanity

Want to stay a little closer to home? Look up your local Boys Club and go volunteer. Go to a local hospital or nursing home and volunteer. Go to a local church that ministers to people in your area and volunteer. See the pattern…?


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Husband, father, IT manager, traveler, guitarist, hackintosher, writer...? Blogging can be a coping mechanism, a mentoring tool... what is it to you?
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