Driving Home, Listening to Lyle

When I drive to or from Texas, I like to listen to Lyle Lovett. Maybe it’s because Lyle lives outside Houston and is a Texas native? Maybe it’s because he often writes of cowboy life. Whatever the reason, it seems to fit the drive as you pass through the east Texas countryside.

The view today was especially beautiful. There have been recent rains, so the countryside was green and lush. Little yellow flowers were visible in many of the fields, other flowers grew next right up next to the roadside. Even the thistles growing next to the road had their own form of beauty: flowering at the tops combined with the prickliness that most people think of.

It was a long drive after a long weekend. The Dallas Guitar Show; aka “the spring show”, is more of a marathon than a sprint. The show starts with the load-in on Thursday afternoon, but I wasn’t able to get away until Friday. I helped my buddy load up on Wednesday, went to work Thursday, hoping to leave early Friday. However… I had to cycle out my work cell phone Thursday and had problems getting it to stay unlocked, so I had to call in before I hit the road Friday to fix it, causing me to get a late start. The fix was easier than I hoped, so I moved along around 7:30 AM. I got to the show by 1:30, which was busier than we thought, and when it started to close down at 6 we went to a guitar auction being held at the show, then dinner. Big dinner plus late night means no sleep for Johnny, so Saturday was a long day! That led to another big dinner late at night, meaning another night with little sleep, so Sunday started the day with a migraine in a huge concrete hall full of guitar amps…ouch! Finally got a good night’s sleep Sunday, then drove back today.

I’ll write more about the guitar show soon; it was really a good time in spite of the lack of sleep. In the meantime, here is a Texas thistle pic!


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