Pray for me…

…because today I have to get a new phone! Yes, my entire world is shaken. I sit in a corner, quivering in shock, after hanging up when my Telcomm guy gave me the bad news: “Are you going to be in your office in an hour? I need to come swap out your phone.” I almost lied to him. “Uh, no, gotta go to, uh, a meeting. Yeah, that’s it. Got a meeting.” But I couldn’t do it.

I don’t know why I feel this way. My old phone is not all that great. It’s a BlackBerry Pearl, and is almost four years old (which is like 20 years in dog years…or something). It has the smaller number of keys on the keyboard with multiple letters per key, so you almost never type correctly on it, though that allows the keys to be bigger. The camera is awful; maybe just one megapixel? And the flash is next to worthless. The Pearl has the trackball on it, which gums up and starts skipping if you don’t clean it weekly now. The memory isn’t that big, and the processor in this phone seems slow, too. I know the new phone is going to be faster, slicker, better looking, but I’m not sure I want to deal with all the changes it will entail.

Life is like this, too (yeah, I had to go all metaphysical on you). We often find ourselves in situations that aren’t that great anymore, but stay there because the idea of change is scarier than the idea of mucking through the place we are stuck in. For many people the worst part is overcoming the fear of the unknown; after that the rest isn’t so bad. Once you get past the initial shock and contemplate what comes after, the change itself may really be a good thing.

I am now holding a new phone. It’s bright, shiny and new. It has 3 times the apps the old one did, has a better/bigger display, more memory, and a cool new multimedia player (no, it’s not all about work!). But to get it I had to hand over the old one, and let it go; only then could the positives be experienced. Yes, the analogy here is a simple one, but descriptive. Fear of change holds us back. Learning to face fears, learning to plan for change, learning to accept that change can be positive: these things can open doors to better things, places, even lives. Is the fear of change holding you back?


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2 Responses to Pray for me…

  1. Katie Gou says:

    Good luck with the new phone! Change is hard for a little while until we choose to open our minds and embrace!

  2. I was trying hard to embrace it today…then it bricked on me and I had to call tech support.

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