How to Solder

As a guitarist, it is natural at some point to start collecting some gear. In my case, that meant amps. After I realized the vintage Marshall from the 60’s was going to cost as much as a new car I decided I would learn how to build my own. However, I had no clue about how to build anything electronic. Enter “The Internet”! I began surfing and found a number of great resources on building amps. Now I have located a great resource on how to solder (pronounced “sod-der”)… in the form of a comic book! You can download it as a PDF here or link to the hosting website here, thanks to The Mighty Ohm and Lifehacker. Enjoy!


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Husband, father, IT manager, traveler, guitarist, hackintosher, writer...? Blogging can be a coping mechanism, a mentoring tool... what is it to you?
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One Response to How to Solder

  1. Katie Gou says:

    I once learned how to solder and started making things left, right and centre. They broke after a while though, so I gave up!

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