Dead iPods, and Handbrake

I love and hate my iPods. Yes, I used the plural there; I have 3 or 4. Why so many? Because only one works! On the one hand, they hold my music, video, some games (love that Touch), and let me surf the Internet anyplace there is free Wi-Fi. However…my Touch is only 8 Gb, so I have had to make some hard decisions about what I have room for (yes, life is hard!).

What do I do with dead iPods? I have considered repairing them; I have once already. There are tons of websites out there that sell replacements parts, batteries, tools, and cleaning supplies for iPods. However, since I’ve already spent $50 or so for parts for one that just died again, I’m not that excited about spending it one more time. I am more inclined to just trade it in on a bigger one that is newer.

Which one would I buy if I pull the trigger again? Hmmm…. I love my Touch, other than the 8 Gb size limit. However, spending another $300 to size up is just not worth it to me, not just to load more music. I would, though, love to throw down on the big iPod Classic. Let’s see, I think it’s up to about 160 Gb of spaciousness? Yeah, that is almost big enough…! You know, room for all that music, plus a couple of seasons of my favorite TV, a few dozen movies, maybe some web rips. $249 for all the space you will ever need…until my brother drops off last weekend’s sack of garage sale DVD’s!

OK, shameless plug: if you like to carry around video on your iPod or iPod-like device, you really, really need Handbrake. It is available on OS X (yeah!), Windows, and Linux, and supports a number of different file formats so you can rip to your heart’s content. Or perhaps I should say “so you can convert to your heart’s content”, as this program is the bomb when it comes to changing resolutions. Why? Well, why would you rip a movie at full resolution when you play to watch it on a device with a 320×240 resolution? Size that bad boy down, and your 4 Gb file drops to a few hundred megabytes, or less. I sometimes use it for my boys PSP’s to exactly size the video to fit their 480×272 (odd, huh?). And since I’m about to get a Blackberry Torch (not my choice; the work smartphone standard is BlackBerry only!) it will also support 360×480. In short, Handbrake can convert to any XxY size because you get to pick what X and Y are, then just type it in. Super easy.

So where can I trade in a pair of dead iPod’s? Let’s just call them “vintage”…


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