Movies that Remind Us

Do you have a movie that reminds you of another place and time in your life? A movie that reminds you of better, or simpler times? Tonight we are sitting watching Silverado, my favorite Western, and arguably one of the best American westerns ever. I remember the first time I saw it. I was still in college, hanging out with friends, none of who could afford to go out to the movies, go on a date, or even buy a decent meal. We weren’t really the partying types, so we rented movies…an affordable escape with good friends.

Great quotes from the movie: “You know, a good, smelly saloon is my favorite place in the world.”

John Cleese played the sheriff of Turley: “Today my jurisdiction ends here”.

Cobb: “We’re gonna give you a fair trial, followed by a first class hanging”.

Now I’m sharing it with my kids, adding another layer to a wonderful memory. Happy trails!


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One Response to Movies that Remind Us

  1. I love watching my favorite films with my sons and feeling like I’m watching them again for the first time.
    I love Silverado. That’s one I had the kids watch with me recently.
    “Good-bye, Cobb.”
    “Good-bye, Paden.”

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