Hackintosh: why? Why not?

I love Apple stuff. The way they feel, the way they look, the way they perform; there is nothing like an Apple product. Unfortunately, Apple knows this, so they price their stuff higher. That means when I filled up my 8 Gb iPod Touch I could not afford to replace it. And since Apple generally makes their stuff non-upgradeable (iPods), or unaffordable to upgrade (Mac stuff), it makes me frustrated. Spending $2,000 for an iMac just feels like it’s about $600 too much.

That’s why I got interested in the hackintosh community. Can’t afford that new Mac? Build your own. Here are two cool websites you really need to check out if you are interested: Tonymacx86.com and Insanelymac.com. Another great resource: Google on “Lifehacker” and “hackintosh” for a series of articles on how to hackintosh (yes, it’s a verb!) a Dell Mini 10v (got one!), or a homebuilt desktop PC. If you have enough PC skills to replace a video board or hard drive, it’s just one more step to build your own PC. These sites give you the cookbook/recipe/parts lists so you can roll your own. Highly recommend: fun weekend project that gives you hardware for much, much less than an iMac, and you will learn a lot about Macs along the way. Now go out there and get hacking!

Caveats: 1) I bought a full copy of the Mac OSX before I started. People have the right to be paid for their intellectual property: don’t steal software. 2) Once you build it, you won’t be calling Apple for support. Don’t build one and plan to run a corporate empire on it unless you know how to fix it. 3) Don’t download all the new patches as soon as Apple releases them. Sometimes patches break stuff, you know. That’s why you need the websites listed above. 4) Contribute a buck or two to the TonyMacX86 and InsanelyMac communities to help support their efforts. Somebody has to pay for the bandwidth; help out.


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