Commitment, marriage… and gardening

Commitment is a strange thing, a sort of two-edged sword. On the one hand, we make commitment with good intentions, hoping it will turn out well, and will make us better people. On the other hand, the act of committing requires us to step up, to do better, or more, or just do… and I haven’t been doing it! What am I talking about? Blog a “Post a Day”! Yes, it started with the best of intentions, lasted about a week, then died out. Why? I am a slacker! Time to get back at it, and get the posting on track.

My wife and I had a chance to witness the beginning of a commitment this weekend… let me explain. I’ve mentioned the music in our lives and that my wife is rather talented in that area. She is often asked to play at weddings, funerals… ok, not to brag, but she is really, really good. She was asked to play a wedding this weekend, so I took off work Friday to drive her over to Hot Springs to Garvan Gardens for the rehearsal. The Gardens have a beautiful chapel built of glass and natural wood set in the outdoors looking out over Lake Hamilton. The weather was perfect, the bride was gorgeous, the groom handsome (so I’m told…!), and the wedding was lovely. A bond formed, two lives joined as one, a commitment begun… what can you say?

And then, there is the gardening. This is my third year to have a garden, and every year it gets a big bigger. We will have tomatoes again this year (at least two varieties), bell peppers, mild jalepenos, and hopefully some strawberries and blueberries (my wife’s request). Some folks like to just buy starter plants for tomatoes and peppers, but last year I started mine from seed, and it was a lot more fun, at least for me. It adds the element of uncertainty to the whole process: will they sprout? Will they grow tall enough to put out? Will they be healthy enough? And then when the flower and begin setting vegetables it’s just that much more fun. Only this year, the seeds I started seem to be taking too long. And the small cups I used to start the seeds in are mildewing. not a good start, to be sure. Still, I have time yet to start over if I need to, so I’m moving the whole lot outside in the sun with the hope that the sunlight can burn back the fungus. We will see.

Off to bed now. My last words: follow through on your commitments, and you will be a better person for it.


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